Instructions before your BREAST thermography:

1. No vigorous exercise 2 hours before your appointment time.

2. No excessively hot baths or showers 2 hours before appointment.

3. No lotions, oils or creams on the chest / neck area.

4. No antiperspirant. But a natural deodorant is fine.

5. No sunbathing or massage that day.

6. Do not shave under arms on day of appointment.

7. If you smoke, do not smoke 4 hours before your appointment time.  Better yet - quit!

8. Please bring something to put your hair up and off your face/neck.

Additional instructions for your FULL-BODY thermography:

1. Don't shave anything the morning of your appointment.

2. You will be in your underwear/boxers, so please wear what you're comfortable in.

3. If you are a man and have excessive body hair, please trim it back the day before your appointment.

4. Minimal/no make-up, no heavy oils, lotions or creams on the body, but a very light moisturizer is fine.

5. No acupuncture before your appointment.

6. Remove ALL jewelry before your appointment.



*If you are pregnant or nursing, you will have to wait until you are three months out from either.

*There are no food restrictions, though if you are doing a full body scan, please refrain from very hot or very cold beverages 1 hour before your appt.

*Your menstrual cycle will not affect the results.

*If a fever is present, please reschedule your appointment. 

*If you have had contrast dye for CT or MRI scans, you will need to wait 2 weeks to do your thermography.

*If you've had a breast biopsy, you will have to wait 3 months to do your breast thermography.


***If you have had intramuscular steroid injections (or into any other soft-tissue), this is considered systemic and will affect your interpretation, and you will need to wait 4 to 6 weeks in order to do your thermography.  However, a period of two weeks after any NON-steroidal anti-inflammatories is generally considered sufficient***.