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Welcome to Thermography First. If you're here it's because you are choosing to live a better life, a cancer-free one. Cancer can come at any moment. However, when you have the knowledge and practice a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent it from ever happening and/or never get it again. You've completed one of the first major steps, and that is seeking the truth. Below you will find what you need and once you're ready to take the most important step, Feel free to contacts us and we will take care of the rest.  





An abnormal thermogram is the single most important marker of high risk for developing future breast cancer, ten times more significant than a family history of the disease?



Thermography First, LLC, is your first choice when you want state-of-the-art thermal imaging, along with exceptional, courteous,  professional and compassionate service.    We thoroughly educate each and every new client about thermography so they in turn, can spread the word about this valuable screening tool.  Thermography First LLC’s care doesn’t stop after you leave the office;  we have a referral service of practitioners whom we can refer in the event of an abnormal thermogram. Though her main office is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Donna also has one location in Delray Beach that she is at one Friday a month, so you can be sure there's always an office closest to you!


The Truth About Cancer with Dr. Ben Johnson

"I’m not much of a conspiracy theory-type person. But I’ve come to believe that American medicine is not about helping people get well. It’s about managing disease, and selling drugs and, creating money through the paradigm of patient treatment."
 - Dr. Ben Johnson

Telemundo's ARV interviews Donna Tomey 

In 2014, Telemundo's ARV news interviewed Donna Tomey to find out how thermography works and how it can help detect the early stages of cancer. This interview also shows a current patient of Thermography First. It will show her journey and how with Donna's help she was able to detect the early stages of cancer.
(Note) The majority of the video is in Spanish except for Donna's interview. To enable subtitles in your language please click on the gear icon and select your language.

My discussion about thermography with the morning crew at 97.3 Coast FM