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Her Story

After her own breast cancer diagnosis in early 2006, Donna Tomey understands first-hand the importance of prevention, not treatment after-the-fact. After suffering from cancer, a unilateral mastectomy, additional surgeries, chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery, she had no intention of going through it again. There had to be a better way to monitor breast health, and she found it - with thermography.  Donna became a certified thermographer through the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT) in 2007, and opened up her own clinic that same year.

Donna has lectured and educated women and men, using her own images to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that thermography, along with nutrition and hormone balancing, saved her life. Now it may save yours.

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Donna has had a chapter published in the book: Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health. You can purchase this book by clicking on the name of the book or clicking on the cover of the book. As you read through the book Miami Breast Cancer Experts and experience the compelling and courageous stories of the survivors, you will certainly find out that the savior is yourself first.

Thermal Imagery of Donna's Journey

image of abnormality in breast one

12/2002 "My first breast thermography was a warning that I did not heed."

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(First Angle) 3/2006 - "Six weeks after the mastectomy of my right breast, thermography detected new cancer growth in my left breast."

image of abnormality in breast three

(Second Angle)

image of abnormality in breast four

11/2006 - 3/2007

image of abnormality in breast five

Six months - One year after making simple nutritional changes and most importantly, getting my hormones balanced, I had reversed the malignancy and remain stable to this day". Mammography did not detect this - only thermography did.


Our Philosophy

Thermography First, LLC, is your first choice when you want state-of-the-art thermal imaging, along with exceptional, courteous,  professional and compassionate service.    We thoroughly educate each and every new client about thermography so they, in turn, can spread the word about this valuable screening tool.  Thermography First LLC’s care doesn’t stop after you leave the office;  we have a referral service of practitioners whom we can refer in the event of an abnormal thermogram. Though her main office is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Donna also has one location in Delray Beach that she visits once a month, so you can be sure there's always an office closest to you!

Though our primary focus is for the prevention of breast cancer, Thermography First, LLC also conducts full or partial body scanning, which is an excellent screening tool that gives you an “inside look” of what’s going on inside your body before a symptom even presents itself.


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