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DITI measures the amount of heat being emitted from the body due to the inflammatory process in the area being studied. Surface temperature of the human body is symmetrical (virtually the same on both sides) and is a reflection of the control by the sympathetic nervous system. Inflammation at any tissue depth will be recorded by the sympathetic fibers in the nerve supply to that area. This information will be processed through the central nervous system which will cause a sympathetic response in the area of skin corresponding to the affected site. In many cases, this process can be detected years before any other imaging modality. Thermography screening does not involve physical contact, is 100% safe, radiation free, and will take approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the number of regions of the body to be studied.
It is the only screening method available that measures physiological changes over time, whereas other screening methods measure anatomical or structural changes. Thermography can provide early detection of the disease process which can increase chances for a healthier outcome. Thousands of people have taken advantage of this clinical screening, and is supported by over 30 years of research and over 800 published medical studies.



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Cancer cells used to be normal cells, but because of DNA or cell mutation, the cells have replicated out of control, becoming cancerous. When our immune systems are compromised, they cannot fight off these cancer cells. This is why it is critical to maintain a strong immune system with lots of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, especially the green leafy kind (broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, etc.).  Also, there are hundreds of studies and research to show that radiation affects and damages the very DNA in our cells, especially with repeated exposure.

There are other things that can cause cancer.  Hormonal imbalances, environmental pollution, family history, the foods we eat, can all cause our immune systems to fail. Most breast cancers are estrogen dependent, which is why it is crucial for every woman to check their hormone levels. You can do this through your OB/GYN.   It is not only important to see what your hormone levels are, but to see how they are metabolizing with a special test called Estronex. Since this is not a routine test, you must ask for it by name, or see a qualified nutritionist who can give you the test.

Six weeks after her unilateral mastectomy, Donna had a breast thermogram, and there were already significant vascularities developing in her left breast...and on her way to getting cancer in that breast.  This was not revealed with a mammogram, since mammography is a structural test, a test of anatomy, and it's detection once you already HAVE cancer.  Quite simply, thermography detected the abnormal vascular development, which alerted her early enough, without waiting until the cancer was large enough to be detected with a mammogram, or any other imaging method.
Seeking the help of a nutritionist, and with a simple blood test, Donna was advised that her estrogen was metabolizing in such a way as to promote cancer growth.  With a strict diet,  the right natural supplements and most critically, balancing her hormones, Donna was able to actually reverse the abnormal vascularity and to this day it remains stable, with no risk of breast cancer.   Donna owes her life to thermography and hormone balancing.


Why Should I Choose Thermography?

*Non-Invasive - nothing touches the body

*Painless - absolutely no compression

*Radiation-Free – hundreds of studies and research have shown repeated exposure to radiation  increases your cancer risk

*FDA approved since 1982

*Over 800 peer-reviewed studies on the effectiveness of thermography


*No prescription necessary

*Efficient – your first visit will be approximately 30 minutes.

While emphasis is being placed on research and the cure, prevention is the REAL cure.


Though our primary focus is for the prevention of breast cancer, Thermography First, LLC also conducts full or partial-body scanning, which is an excellent screening tool that gives you an “inside look” of what’s going on inside your body before a symptom even presents itself.


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Mammography is a STRUCTURAL test, so it's designed to see structural changes, such as actual tumors, calcifications, nodules, and the like. After this is detected, surgery is likely imminent, along with other conventional treatments.



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Thermography is a PHYSIOLOGICAL test, so it's designed to see inflammation and thermal/vascular changes that MUST occur in order to promote metabolically active tumor growth to begin with, which is why it's earlier detection, so you can DO something about it BEFORE it becomes a tumor. Hormone balancing and nutritional counseling are the biggest inflammatory busters.